We Love Lily James’s 1970’s French Riviera Inspired Golden Globes Look

We love Lily James’s 1970’s French Riviera inspired Golden Globes look

Lily James 2016 Golden Globes Awards

You know when a look just seems to effortlessly fall into place? From hair, to outfit, to makeup, this is how we feel about Lily James’s Golden Globes look. The British born beauty oozed elegance at last night’s award ceremony, and we’re pretty much obsessed. It’s ok though, because we’ve got the inside scoop on how you can recreate this exact look…

The master behind the glamorous waves is hairstylist Ashley Streicher for SHOW beauty. Inspired by the 1970’s French Riviera, this hairstyle is understated but seriously sophisticated. Teamed with the beautiful flowing Marchesa dress, and you’ve got some serious goddess vibes.

Lily James SHOW Beauty look by hairstylist Ashley Streicher

To recreate the look of the brushed out waves, first, spritz on the Show Beauty Sheer Thermal Protect onto dry hair to prepare and protect from heat damage. You don’t want your hair to be fried after all, that’s just not a good look. After a generous spray of the thermal protect, you then want to use the SHOW Beauty Thickening mist to give your roots a bit of va va voom! This will ensure your hair doesn’t fall flat and will give a much needed natural bounce.

SHOW Beauty product range

Next comes the styling, comb your hair into a centre parting to recreate Lily’s look, to ensure your hair stays put spray a little SHOW Beauty Finishing Spray to keep your locks in hold. This should hopefully make sure you don’t start your evening with a middle parting and end it with a dramatic side, or even worse, zig zag parting.

Once your hair is protected and sprayed into place it’s time to get the curling iron out! If you want waves similar to Lily’s, use a 1 ½ inch curling tong and curl the hair securing each row with a setting pin. Ashley revealed her secret for perfecting this style “curl the hair at the nape in one direction and the next layer in the opposite to build body and create a tousled wave”. Her trick for creating that effortless look? For the top layer of hair, use a flatiron instead of a curling iron to form finger waves that give more of an ‘undone’ look.

SHOW Beauty Premiere Dry Shampoo

To finish the look off, unpin and gently brush through, finish off the style with a spray of the SHOW Beauty Premiere Dry Shampoo and another spritz of the Finishing Spray for extra volume and a long lasting hold. For makeup, go for a subtle base, nude lip and balance it out with a sexy smoky eye just like Lily.

So there you have it, chic looking goddess waves. It’s just a shame we don’t have the dress, and we aren’t Lily James *sobs*.

Tilly-Jayne Kidman

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