Introducing the New Player in Skincare: Mitonia

Introducing the new player in skincare: Mitonia

Mitonia UK

Outside’s cold, the train’s hot, the walk to the office’s cold, and the office is warm… our skin’s taking a beating! Although it may feel like ages, the winter chill has only just hit us. Not to depress you or anything, but the worst is still ahead of us.

It is true for most of us that after the Christmas break a general overhaul in health is needed and skincare is no acceptation. During the winter months we tend to struggle with dry, damaged skin (ugh, that dry, uncomfortable feeling!) as we’re active and spend a lot of time running all over the city to attend client meetings, press events, fashion shows…you name it! And during the weekends we’ll spend our time outdoors in the forest or cycling through the countryside. All of us are busy women and don’t necessarily want to or have time to spend trawling through websites, magazine pages, let alone beauty departments in store, trying to find a solution to our seasonal skin woes.

This is where Mitonia comes in – this luxury cosmetic company speaks our language! A niche distribution company with a wealth of experience and industry knowledge in skincare and haircare. They can offer customers and retailers alike invaluable expertise, Mitonia pride themselves on having the right solution to any of their customer’s needs whatever they might be!

Mitonia UK

This year beat dehydrated skin with something totally new to London, and natural. Here at YCB we are loving Mitonia’s Beauté Mediterrenea products. The line is currently split into four sections including Regenerative, Expression Lines, Anti-Aging and Moisturising – each contain carefully chosen high performing products which will deal with a certain problem, containing high quality and tried-and-tested super ingredients. It is one of two brands Mitonia has launched out of one of the leading cosmetic laboratories in Barcelona, which is fast becoming the cosmetic capital of Europe.

Mitonia’s Beauté Mediterrenea products

The Beauté Mediterrenea snail secretion

The Beauté Mediterrenea range offers an effective, on trend brand with beautiful packaging which makes the product looks like they are straight out of a modern day apothecary! Each section contains a range of formulas including body creams, serums, eye contour creams and much more.

Mitonia UK

Across the range key active ingredients include: Bee venom – clinically proven to halt the deeper set signs of aging and a favourite product of the Duchess of Cambridge, Snail secretion – a collagen enhancing super ingredient and a staple in French pharmaceuticals, and Dragon’s Blood – dubbed the ‘liquid facelift’ by some and has celebrity fans in Lady Gaga and Kylie Jenner.

Aside from the fantastic ingredients in the products and their problem specific nature, one of the most wonderful parts of the range is the price. Normally when searching for products with dragon’s blood or bee venom the total in the online basket can be eye watering, especially if it is a whole skincare regime. With prices only going up to £35 what’s not to love!

The range is shoppable here!

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