LFW-Ready Nails With Glosspod

LFW-ready nails with Glosspod

Get set for Glosspod manicure on tapp! 


Every woman understands the issues that come with a bad hair day – an unjustifiably short temper, flat out refusals to appear in any photos even though you’re usually the first to whack out the selfie stick, an unwarranted desire to hide under a duvet where other human beings can’t find you, etc. Now, as far as we’re aware bad nail days can cause many of the same, if not even worse, symptoms.

We feel that until now the severity of a bad nail day has been underestimated, but we’d like to formally announce that it’s okay that you feel a burning desire to race back inside when you chip a nail opening the front door, it’s okay to wish it was acceptable to wear gloves in the summer when you’re between manicures, and it’s okay to sit on your hands during meetings because you’re embarrassed by the state of your varnish. (Well, maybe not okay, but we understand at least).

What we’re also here to tell you is that bad nail days are officially a thing of the past. They’ll soon become a distant memory (‘apparently women used to have to just put up with bad nails, poor things!’), because we’ve come across a little angel-disguised-as-an-app that is about to revolutionise your world.


GlossPod is a mobile team of handpicked and accredited nail technicians, fully certified and supremely talented, so all nail dilemmas are always in good hands (pun intended). In his job as an investment banker founder Robinson Blanckaert kept noticing how often his colleagues rushed around to nail bars during lunch breaks or before important events. He mentally noted how companies ‘already had services such as shoe shiners or barbers, [so] why not bring nail services also since it is the most recurring beauty treatment?’ Why indeed!

Squeezing a quick manicure in between salon visits is so much easier for the YCB team now, and there’s a very high possibility we might have already put GlossPod on speed dial for Fashion Week…. The mobile app is so convenient, accessible, and super easy to use too: ‘It doesn’t take more than 30 seconds to book a manicure within an hour 7 days a week from 7am to 10pm’.  Just download the app, browse and select your service, enter your appointment details and payment method, and a Glosspod professional is on their way! For those who prefer to do things the old-fashioned way, their website is just as easy to navigate.

Now we recently had a critical situation in the YCB offices; an unsuspecting writer was making her way through her to-do list when she suddenly snagged a nail. She wasn’t looking for a full-on manicure, her other nine digits were still in good working order, but she didn’t particularly want this hang nail, well, hanging around! Before a minor meltdown ensued a caring colleague calmly clicked on GlossPod’s Emergency Nail Button and called in a very kind nail nurse who was with us within the hour to fix the disaster right at her desk. By the way, as said clumsy writer also learned, if you accidently smear your nails within 24 hours of a GlossPod manicure, they guarantee to ‘fix any smudged or chipped nail for free’.  How lovely!

Don’t sweat if you’re reading this in Paris or NYC, as these are Glosspod’s next ports of expansion.  Follow their Twitter account to keep up to date on what they are up to.  In the meantime, calling all of our London lovelies: revolutionise your nailcare the Glosspod way!

Photo courtesy of: getthegloss.com

Rachel Shippee

Rachel is in her final year at Elon University in North Carolina studying International Studies, Creative Writing, and Spanish. Her passion lies in combining these interests through advocacy for women's rights at a global level. She has previously written for College Lifestyles and Her Campus Media. Follow her on Twitter @rachelshippee.

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