Leo Bancroft Knows The Secrets To Long, Healthy, Lustrous Hair.

Long, straight hair has made a comeback this season. Many of the Fashion Week runways featured sleek, lustrous locks that we all covet. My favourite poker-straight, long locks came courtesy of Thomas Tait and Ellie Saab. Although there is no miracle, hair growing tip, I can offer tips on how to keep hair looking healthy as it grows longer.

Leo Bancroft on Long Hair

Regular trims

It’s not an old wives tale; the more frequently you have your hair snipped, the longer your hair grows without broken, split ends. It’s important to find a hairdresser who isn’t ‘scissor happy’ and understands what you want; there is no need to take off two inches when you can remove the split ends in a quarter inch.

The right shampoo & conditioner

The Sensationally Smooth Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner from my range is ideal for keeping hair hydrated and avoiding dry, Selena Gomez Long Straight Hair tatty ends.  It’s a super-rich shampoo that works wonders on dry, dehydrated hair. It soothes and smoothes for an irresistibly silky feel. The deeply moisturising conditioner is your dream ticket to supple, silky hair. Frazzled locks are transformed into sleek perfection. Squeeze out excess water before massaging conditioner through lengths and ends and leave on for a minute before rinsing thoroughly. Healthy hair is the key to getting long, Rapunzel like locks!

Intense treatments

Incorporating a weekly, intense conditioning treatment to your regime will make sure hair is healthy and conditioned enough for it to grow. The Ultimately Intense Deep Moisture Mask brings damaged hair back from the brink. Leave it for 15 minutes ideally wrapped up in a warm towel to increase absorption.

Heat protector

Spray the Totally Protected Heat Defence Spray generously over towel dried hair to prevent any further heat damage. It works as a high-temperature shield that lets you turn the heat up to max. It results in healthy, shiny hair without a frazzled end in sight.

amanda seyfried long straight hairDiet & Supplements

A protein rich diet is the key for strong hair growth since the hair contains high amounts of Keratin already. Introduce plenty of eggs, chicken or lentils and beans. Omega fish oils also help with moisturising hair from the root; you can take supplements or just eat plenty of oily fish like salmon.

No Wet Brushing

My top tip would be to avoid washing hair when it’s wet! It’s not a well-known fact but avoiding it can prevent hair breakage and dreaded split ends. When the hair is wet, a chemical change takes place and the hair becomes much more fragile. The hair is easily stretched when wet so vigorous brushing can cause it to snap. Brush hair with a wide toothed comb to prevent snagging.

Secret Tip

Massage the head for at least 5 minutes daily or incorporate a mini massage into your hair washing regime. This promotes blood flow in the scalp which in turn promotes hair growth.



Photo courtesy: www.fabsugar.com.au

Leo Bancroft

Leo Bancroft initiated his hairdressing career training with Vidal Sassoon and later going on to teach at the Vidal Sassoon Academy. Leo’s TV debut on Channel 4’s ‘The Salon’ urged tens of thousands to vote for him as the nation’s favourite hairdresser. Currently, Leo trains his staff at his flagship salon in Surrey and also travels across the globe educating large groups of hopefuls with his award winning shows and seminars. He has accumulated awards including Young Business Leader 2010 and Southern Hairdresser of the Year 2009.

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