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Uncategorized: Giveaway: Your Coffee Break Is Teaming Up With Ebba Zingmark!

By Charlotte Giver — August 08, 2013

Giveaway: Your Coffee Break is teaming up with Ebba Zingmark!

In the sea of fashion bloggers, we all have our favorites. Here at Your Coffee Break we keep a sharp eye on all things Ebba Zingmark and her edgy yet minimalistic Swedish street look. This girl never fails to inspire us! Last time we spoke to her she was extremely excited about her upcoming ‘Ebba Z for Sin’ collection and we couldn’t be more psyched and eager to announce that in this week’s giveaway you can WIN BIG as we’re joining forces with the fashion blogger to give you the chance to get your hands on a dress+top combo for her latest collection!

With a touch of vintage and minimalistic retro, these dresses and tops are to die for and an essential addition to your fall wardrobe! Pair the dress+top combo with a leather jacket and your favorite statement bag for the ultimate rocker chic look.

Courtesy of Miss Ebba Zingmark, she’s letting two lucky winners choose one dress+top, free of choice from the looks below:

Anyone can enter the competition and we ship worldwide! In order to win, you must:

1) Like Your Coffee Break on facebook here!

2) Like Ebba Zingmark on facebook here!

3) Share this competition on your facebook page via Your Coffee Break’s facebook account.

4) Comment here under this post and let us know what you would wear with the dress+top combo!

Good luck!!


The two winners will be announced right here on Your Coffee Break and via our social media accounts next Thursday, August 15! 

The competition is now closed - 

Congratulations to PatriciaParisienne and Christine Hanley who are the winners of the Your Coffee Break + Ebba Zingmark giveaway! PatriciaParisienne wins the short blue dress+top and Christine wins the short black dress+striped shirt. Please send an email to maren@yourcoffeebreak.co.uk with your address and we’ll get in touch! Well done and great styling ladies! XO

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