The Tour That Makes You Smile!

Sights & Delights reinvents the Oxford City tour with unique experiences that make people happy

They say that money can’t buy you happiness. But according to science, that’s not entirely true. In fact, it depends on what we choose to buy. Instead of acquiring more ‘stuff’, we should spend our money on new experiences. When we enjoy a good experience, like a City break, it enhances our well-being. It gives us something interesting to talk about and memories to recall. And, compared to physical purchases, it gives us much more satisfaction.

Experiences are what make tour company Sights & Delights so special. Oxford graduate, Dr Naomi Norman, has reinvented the humble walking tour for her new venture. Her quirky tours, designed for intimate groups of family or friends, avoid the usual clichés, and give visitors a real insight into the ancient city that is Oxford.

There’s a shopping tour, where she brings the City’s history to life through the shops and market stalls of Oxford. And a neighbourhood tour that takes visitors through the wealthy Victorian suburbs and Bohemian Jericho districts. Both have always been off the usual tourist trail. There’s even a preview tour, of Oxford’s greatest hits, for the visitor in a hurry!

But what makes these tours stand out are the exclusive ‘delights’ that follow. You can sit down for a cup of tea and a chat with a current Oxford undergraduate, and find out what life is really like behind college doors. Or you can enjoy a private introduction to the world’s oldest museum: the Ashmolean.

Other delights include: a cocktail in Inspector Morse’s bar; a climb to the top of one of Oxford’s best towers; and a chauffeur to Bicester Village designer shopping outlet. There is even a Photo Opportunity Tour taking in Oxford’s most iconic vistas.

Scientists think it’s the stories we take away from experiences that make us happy. You’ll be happily telling tales about these Oxford tours for years to come.

Costs start at £195 for up to 8 people.

Visit the website here!

Riya Sander

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