A Very Modern Love Story

PR stunt turns fairytale as intern finds love whilst testing dating app

London based CLiKD, launched a new creative dating app early this year and in an unconventional move hired an intern to test it and write about it in a series of 10 weekly blogs. The results, however, went beyond either parties’ wildest dreams, when the intern found love after only her second week, in what was the beginning of a very modern love story which unfolded over the remaining 8 weeks, with the identity of the lucky gent being revealed this week.

Hired in July, Daria Lazo – a Film graduate, was meant to go on 10 dates in 10 weeks, which, after being single for over 12 months and having tried a number of dating apps seemed like the perfect candidate to put the app through its paces and give CLiKD some fun and interesting blogs. However, after a false start where Lazo went on what she calls in her blog “the worst date of my life”, she found her perfect match in only the second week of using the dating app. This unexpected turn of events did rather derail their original blogging series, but led to an alternative story of fun, adventure and love.

Her partner, named in the blogging series simply as Lucky No. 2, is a 28-year-old Portuguese engineer and his identity has been secret until this week, when CLiKD finally revealed the happy couple together on their first holiday, a trip to Outlook Festival in Croatia, which was an internship perk offered to Daria as part of the role.  The couple have now been dating for over 2 months and continuing to go from strength to strength.

Discussing the experience Lazo states: “I applied for, and accepted, the internship because I was interested to see how the app’s personality-focus would change my attitudes and concepts to dating. And having been single for over a year, and tried a number of dating apps, I really wasn’t expecting to meet such a great guy at all, let alone so soon into my search.  It’s been an amazing adventure, and what a tale to tell about how we got together, he’s my boyfriend and best friend rolled into one, I couldn’t have asked for more.”

Of the experience, the new boyfriend No. 2, only had words of praise for the app and his new partner: “I’m so happy I tried out CLiKD, not only has it meant that I have met this amazing girl who makes me laugh and smile, but it has been so much fun.”

CLiKD Founder, Michael Blakeley, was pretty happy about it all as well: “I’m thrilled that Daria has found a partner so early on! When we first started thinking about hiring an intern to test the app, we thought that 10 weeks would be enough time to go on at least a few decent dates, but we never expected that we would manage to find her a boyfriend in date No. 2. It’s really amazing, and a great way to prove that the app works, and I’m really happy for them both. And the bar is now set, if you want to find a new partner within 2 dates, well you need to come check CLiKD out!”

CLiKD is the stand out game changing new app of 2017 taking the UK dating world by storm. It has been hailed as the Instagram of the dating world, been nominated for Best New Dating App 2017 in the European Dating Awards, recommended in the Telegraph as one of the Best Dating Apps for Men, featured in the Daily Mail, BBC Radio and in over 20 different publications. It has reached 10k downloads and been used over 100k times in the first 9 weeks of launch.

The app is available now on the Google Play and Apple App stores.

For more information, visit their website https://www.clikdapp.com

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Charlotte Giver

Charlotte is the founder and editor-in-chief at Your Coffee Break. With a background in PR working in Los Angeles and Barcelona, Charlotte has been working hard running Your Coffee Break from the YCB HQ in London’s Covent Garden for the past 4 years. Dried mangos, Starbucks and runs through Hyde Park get this Londoner through the day.

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