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Why Every Graduate Should Own a Set of Pearls

Why every graduate should own a set of pearls Remember that famous scene in Breakfast at Tiffany’s? You know the one, where Audrey Hepburn is standing at the window of Tiffany’s eating a croissant out of a paper bag. Now what do you remember [...]

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A Body Is For Life, Not Just For Summer!

A body is for life, not just for summer! A puppy is not just for Christmas and a body is not just for summer. Too often are we focused on achieving the short term goal of having a ‘perfect bikini body’ in time for [...]

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Celebrity Spotlight

5 Fashion Tips from Katie Holmes

5 fashion tips from Katie Holmes Katie Holmes has been killing it on the fashion front lately. Always known for her eclectic style, this summer has been no exception. We’ve seen her dressed to the nines and at her most casual (she is one [...]

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Personalise Your ‘Thank You’ Card with These Tips

Personalise your ‘Thank You’ card with these tips Though most of us enjoy the ease of modern technologies- texts, email, Facebook messages, but we still get our kicks from sending and receiving a good ole’ fashioned letter via snail mail. Finding a good card [...]

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Career Guide

9 Ways to Deal with a Difficult Boss

9 ways to deal with a difficult boss We ask: is your boss a bully or just a tough cookie? You like your job but your boss gets on your case on a regular basis. You try to do everything to the best of [...]

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Pillow Talk

Creative Ways to Stay Connected in a LDR

Creative ways to stay connected in a LDR Let’s just come right out and say it: long distance relationships suck. No matter how head over heels you are, it can feel lonely and downright frustrating more often than not. Arguably the toughest thing about [...]

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Top Cities in America to Visit

Top cities in America to visit Work has finally settled down. The kids are out of school, and your mate is ready for some adventure. How about a holiday in America? Here are 10 must-see cities in the U.S: 1. New York City The [...]

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California Breeze

California Breeze: Double Headband Braid Tutorial

California Breeze: Double Headband Braid Tutorial Where’s my braid-obsessed beauties at?! I love rocking a braid on day three (or four!) old hair. They’re interesting, super cute, and having a major moment. Braids can look intimidating at times, but we must not fear the [...]

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