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Say Hel-lo To Our New Favourite Scarf!

Say hel-lo to our new favourite scarf! British weather is temperamental to say the least. One minute it’s scorching hot, you’ve got the sun on your face, pedicure on show, dancing around Hyde Park in your midi skirt feeling just like Maria from The [...]

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Beauty Black Book: Meet Chelsea Celebrity Hair Stylist Hannah Gaboardi

Beauty Black Book: Meet Chelsea celebrity hair stylist Hannah Gaboardi We at Your Coffee Break HQ are all embracing the rising heat of the summer, and what better way to do that than literally letting our hair down? While summer is the time to [...]

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Celebrity Spotlight

Stylish Yoga Pants And Beyond (Selena Gomez And Stacy Keibler Are Both Fans!)

Stylish yoga pants and beyond (Selena Gomez and Stacy Keibler are both fans!) With the news that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are now back on, it’s no surprise to see this gorgeous Hollywood starlet running around Los Angeles sporting stylish yoga pants (she must [...]

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Empty Coffee Cups And Doodled Notepads? Pamper Your Desk And Feel The Rewards!

Empty coffee cups and doodled notepads? Pamper your desk and feel the rewards! If you’re feeling bored at work – the culprit may be something you didn’t expect. Your desk. That’s right; if paper piles, empty coffee cups and doodled notepads line your desk [...]

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Career Guide

Making The Switch From Newspapers To Magazines

Making the switch from newspapers to magazines If you’ve tried your hand at the cutthroat world of newspaper journalism and you’ve realized it just isn’t as fulfilling as you may have thought it would be, it might be time to make the switch from [...]

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Pillow Talk

Digital Dating In Your Twenties

Digital dating in your twenties This year marks 10 years since the final episode of Friends aired on British television. Matt le Blanc has suggested that the reason this show connected to so many across the world was because ‘ was about a finite [...]

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Summer Fantasy Vacation: Jet Off To Geneva!

Summer fantasy vacation: Jet off to Geneva! We understand that everybody needs a break, time to clock out and de-stress. You’ve probably been so busy lately organising your summer schedule and climbing the career ladder that you’ve neglected some serious downtime. Now that summer [...]

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California Breeze

California Breeze: North Beach

California Breeze: North Beach  My favorite thing about North Beach is the food, but let’s be real – I’m always thinking about my next meal and have been since the age of 7.  At lunch, I talk about dinner and at dinner, I talk [...]

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The London Lookbook

The London Lookbook: Vibrant Colours

The London Lookbook: Vibrant Colours I’ve always been fond of a flared 50’s skirt. The cinched waist and generous, swathes of fabric have been haunting my dreams since I laid eyes on my first vintage dress. Christian Dior’s New Look in the late 1940’s created a [...]

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