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Lifestyle: Très Chic: La Residence Interiors Brings The Best Of Paris To London

By Tiffany — March 06, 2013

Are you looking for a beautiful, stylish and elegant interior? Look no further – La Residence Interiors is a fabulous company that sources absolutely gorgeous and sleek pieces, turning your London pad into a Parisian home.

Sarah and Dan Cook La Residence InteriorsSarah and Dan Cook’s furniture boutique La Residence Interiors has become the talk of the town and is the subject of every fashionista and tastemaker’s crush. The first clue about the style inspiration for La Residence Interiors is in its name; ‘La Residence’. This chic company draws its inspiration from ‘elegant French living’, to provide a range of furniture that personify class and luxury. Based on the countryside in West Sussex, husband and wife Sarah and Dan Cook run their furniture boutique, shipping unique items to homes all over the UK.

The idea for La Residence Interiors came from a personal endeavour of their own – they were struggling to find quality, affordable furniture for their home, particularly whilst looking for French-Style pieces. Thanks to this endeavour, La Residence Interiors was born, giving the tastemaker in you the chance to finally get that sleek and stylish workspace or elegant flat that you always dreamed of.

La Residence Interiors

The range on offer on the La Residence Interiors website features gorgeous items for both the workplace, living room and the dining room, with home accessories, ottomans, chairs, sofas and dining tables as well as cushions and lamps which will compliment the furniture to browse through. The general trend seems to be a revival of French culture from centuries past, but it is this revival trend seen in today’s interiors, that makes the range very contemporary. All items are in top quality and, believe it or not, handmade! The furniture follow a muted, neutral colour scheme. It is a perfect combination that allows versatile pieces that remain classy, without having to compromise on the luxury and the exuberant and regal designs of the furniture.

La Residence Interiors

Sarah and Dan Cook have worked hard to provide a great Customer Service, another aspect of La Residence Interiors that makes it so unique and fabulous. Various customer testimonials have praised not only the affordability, uniqueness and the top quality of the pieces, but also the highly informative and highly personalised service that this online boutique provides for each and every one of its clients.

La Residence Interiors really is a one of a kind furniture boutique, and is a perfect fit for your elegant and beautiful furniture needs.

For more information, simply visit:  http://www.laresidenceinteriors.co.uk/

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Tiffany is a graduate from the University of Leeds, in the disciplines of English & French. Born and bred in London, she considers herself to have a healthy addiction to fashion. With experience in both PR and TV Presenting, she hopes to forge a successful career in the Fashion or Entertainment Industries.

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