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Fashion News: Marios Schwab for ASOS

By Olivia Thornton — September 10, 2012

Marios Schwab has joined ASOS’s designer platform, ASOS Inc for a collection of lingerie to be released later this year.

His debut lingerie collection, named Kallisti, will feature 40 pieces of underwear.

Marios Schwab

The Greek born designer will showcase the collection at London Fashion Week this month. The first 25 pieces will be available in November while the other 15 will hit the online store in January; perfect timing for Valentines Day boys!

In shades that are all about Autumn/Winter, the collection features Midnight Blues, Mustard Yellow and Berryshades. We can also expect to see some more summary and romantic shades of Coral and Dusky Rose.

Kallisti which loosely translates in Greek as ‘For the Fairest’ is guaranteed to be a sell out line, and the first time it will be seen by the public will be featuring a performance by Parisian Cabaret, Crazy Horse, this line is destined to be amazing.

Marios Schwab’s exquisite attention detail is what is going to make these pieces so unique, but don’t be expecting anything too calm. You can expect taffeta, latticing and sequins and that’s not even the half of it.

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Olivia is 20-years-old and lives in Leeds, UK. Currently pursuing a major in Journalism, she is career driven and longing for a career in the magazine industry. Her weakness is shoes and writing is her strength.

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