Rachel Zoe’s Spring 2018 Collection (Including Bridal!) Is Quintessential Glam California Girl

It was a big fashion week for Rachel Zoe. Not only did she present an entire spring 2018 collection in Los Angeles (this California girl doesn’t even need to go to New York Fashion Week to get the eyes on her) but she also debuted her brand new bridal line which was absolutely glorious. With guests in attendance including Goldie Hawn, Jessica Alba, Chrissy Teigan, Nichole Richie, Molly Sim and Sara and Erin Foster, the show was an absolute best.

Did we mention this is her 27th ready-to-wear collection? And as always her designs were trendy while also capturing that quintessential laid-back feminine California aesthetic. Even though she summers in the Hamptons, is from Long Island and has traveled the world, at the end of the day it is all about the West Coast when it comes to her design inspiration. She told The LA Times, “It’s about California. It’s about Palm Springs. It’s about desert. It’s about that moment when you’re driving in the car and Tom Petty is blasting or the [Red Hot] Chili Peppers or the Doors and you’re driving to Palm Springs. I think so many people around the world are fascinated by the life here. I wanted to bring that to life for people who don’t live here or do live here or dream to be here.” And she absolutely did that with her trademark flowy dresses, minimalist gowns, drapey trousers, tuxedo short ensembles (why would you wear long pants? It’s Palm Springs!) and in all those vibrant California colors and prints like this one with palm tree leaves. Zoe names glam photographer Slim Aarons as a huge influence. Mixed in with her signature style (part Golden Girls/part glam glam luxury) and you have an absolutely exquisite collection.

Now let’s get to her bridal collection. Consumers had been actually wearing Zoe’s flowly, simple but exquisite designs to their weddings for years and Zoe wanted to make it official. “I want to be a part of the magic moment,” she said in an interview. “And I want to be a part of that moment in an easy, effortless way and make a collection that is true to who I am as a designer and for the women that I think about and the women who inspire me.… What’s happened is that people have been getting married in my dresses for the last few years, and I wasn’t even making bridal. So I said, ‘Why don’t I tiptoe into bridal, but not in that traditional way?’” Beautiful backless gowns, smartly placed ruffles, and pearl trims all made appearances. Plus with a price range of  $595 to $1,000 this is totally accessible to brides come 2018. You won’t even have to have your wedding in California.

Meredith Lepore

Meredith is the former editor in chief of the women's career site, The Grindstone. Her work has appeared in Marie Claire @ Work, The Jane Dough, DailyWorth, SheKnows.com, Business Insider and Learnvest. She earned her Masters in Magazine, Newspaper and Online journalism from the Newhouse School at Syracuse University. Meredith resides in New York full time and enjoys reading, jogging, SoulCycle and playing with her small dog, Otis.

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