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Career Guide: 7 Things Guys Need To Know About Dating A PR Girl

By Nicole Botsaris — February 27, 2013

7 things guys need to know about dating a PR girl

7 things guys should know about dating a PR girl

Whether we work in fashion PR, lifestyle PR or even entertainment or consumer PR, our dating lives always seem to be part of some funny reality show. Though we all wish our love lives would be a part of a romantic comedy instead, the truth of the matter is, us PR girls are easy to figure out…if you can read between the lines. Here is some info we wish guys would know on how to date a PR girl and have her falling head over (Prada) heels in love.

1. We over-analyze everything

We’re used to reading, and re-reading client and supervisor emails all day. We proofread about 100 times before we hit the send button, and every email that we receive gets picked apart and dissected so that we can make sure we know what the message is. That being said, any guy should know that we will pick apart every text, every phone call and every date that involves you. This is not necessarily a good trait, we know that, but it is the truth. So here’s a tip for guys out there… be open and honest and upfront from the start! We are PR girls, so we know when we’re getting played and when we should not trust you.

2. We expect you to make the first move

This doesn’t just apply to the first kiss, it applies to everything else as well. We take and give orders all the time at work, so when it comes to our personal life we want to just take the full back seat and be surprised  We love being wined and dined, (who doesn’t) and as PR girls we want to believe that chivalry is not dead. Send us a text, shoot us an email, or better yet, pick up the phone and call us! Either way, we want to hear from you and see you make the effort first.

3. We will be bossy from time to time

The PR industry is stressful and demanding, and so it’s in our nature to be that way outside of work as well. While we won’t be overly demanding or needy, we will tell you what we want. We will be upfront and honest, just like we expect you to be, and we won’t be afraid to tell you what we like and don’t like. PR requires us to be strong, independent women, and that will translate into us trying to be a little bit bossy with you. Don’t worry though, we also love to be cuddled and doted on at the same time, so take note.

4. We love to have fun

We work all the time, which means we love to go on adventurous dates and take part in spontaneous activities. After the third date, dinner gets boring. Take us sightseeing in the city, or driving around in the suburbs! The more excitement the better… after all, every day is an adventure in the PR world.

5. We are hard workers

We work hard for our clients, which means we will work hard to make the relationship work with you. Yes, we may get caught up in the office every now and then but we will never forget to pay special attention to our date nights. We know how important our personal relationships are and we work hard to never lose sight of that. We always put all of our effort into everything we do, and whether it is a client project or building a relationship, we never want to let anyone down.

6. We enjoy a challenge

From unexpected editor meetings, to a last minute change in plans, the PR girl is never caught off guard. However, we do love to be challenged, and have our minds do a little work. Everyone likes a game, and when it comes to dating, we have to admit; we like the challenge.  Things that come too easy to us don’t feel as satisfying as things that we work hard for. This doesn’t mean that our guy should be completely unreadable, but it does mean we like the mysterious, bad boy thing just a teeny bit.

7. We are genuine

I saved the best one for last. PR girls are the most genuine, caring and well-rounded girls out there. (And I’m not just saying that because I’m biased!) Our passions and work are important to us, as are the people in our lives. We never give up on something and will fight until the end to make other people happy. We know how important it is to please our clients, and that is ultimately our goal for the guys in our lives. PR girls are always the ones to put other people’s needs before their own, and any guy who wants to date a fabulous PR girl should feel lucky to have that opportunity, because we really are fabulous!

About Author

Nicole is a 21-year-old public relations student at Hofstra University in Long Island, New York. She currently works part-time at Rubenstein Public Relations in Manhattan as a publicist intern, and does freelance work on the side. She hopes to work full-time for a New York City PR agency, and besides enjoying the life of a busy PR girl, she loves to shop, cook, read and explore all of New York City.

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  • ty_frank

    Great post. As someone that is dating a PR girl, I can attest there are some very true aspects of this. Im taking careful notes ;) On a side note, #2 and #6 seem to have some do/don’t overlap. do be a mysterious challenge, but also do call/text/email and be open.

    • err_no_sorry_dear

      No, this utter and total crap. I’m currently reading this with six other ‘PR girls’ who are all in fits of laughter as to how backwards this post is. Great that you’re practising your writing skills, but you might want to consider what you put out there and keep tripe like this for your school diary.

  • Uhhhhhh….

    “We know how important it is to please our clients, and that is ultimately our goal for the guys in our lives. PR girls are always the ones to put other people’s needs before their own, and any guy who wants to date a fabulous PR girl should feel lucky to have that opportunity”

    …So you’re saying prioritizing a man’s needs before your own is something you’re proud of? On behalf of women everywhere, I’m kind of embarrassed.

    • fltron

      I’m curious if you find the phrase “Happy wife, happy life” likewise insulting, which basically insinuates men should keep their wives happy to be happy themselves. I have no problem with either approach, just curious on how far you take this point of view.

      Personally, my belief is that for a relationship to work each person must put the other person first. You put your partners needs first, with the trust that they’ll put your needs first.

  • Flying cat

    Wow, true it is! I like the last one!

  • Katie Peden

    This is the 100% TRUE!!!! Best article EVER!

  • cmunoz

    SO TRUE!!! Love thiS!

  • Nicole

    I would also add that we love event planning and have a natural knack (or curse) for over-architecting social gatherings. As a hostess, I’m obsessively watching social dynamics and trying to make sure everyone is entertained.

  • Lillian Eve

    Very true. My boyfriend is ever complaining about how bossy I can get & how I over analyze everything. Point 3 & 1 explains this perfectly. I’m sending the link to this article to his email right now. Looking forward to your next article

  • Martin Worrell

    This is terrible. Just terrible.

    • Hayley

      It was also written by a 21 year old student/intern who has not been in the PR world or the dating world all that long. So many generalizations and cliches. What happened to the importance of research in PR?

  • adrock

    PR girls are the LEAST genuine people I have ever met. and yes, that’s a generalization. but it’s 100% true

  • davs

    The title should just be : 7 things guys need to know about dating a girl! haha

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  • Ahmed Namrood

    Yeah, you’re right. :)

  • Aman Sinha

    after reading all these points … all i wanna say is that…..
    challenge accepted ……. ;)

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