We’ve Got a Match: Keep Your Skin Glowing During the Colder Season With Essentialle

Our skin changes how it feels thanks to so many internal and external elements which in turn can sometimes make you feel like your skincare doesn’t quite ‘fit’. With chilly mornings and the temperatures dropping, our skin is in desperate need of rescuing and some pampering. The harsh winter weather conditions are starting to bite and with the Holiday season around the corner, we have been searching the web far and wide to find the best tips to keep our skin glowing and hydrated.

Not surprisingly then, we were overly excited when we received an e–invite from the skincare experts at Essentialle, who invited us to attend the launch of the new British botanic skincare range at the popular Mayfair cafe Deliciously Ella. And just like that, our skincare prayers had been answered!

Now, we could only look forward to treating ourselves to some well–deserved natural luxury with Essentialle’s high performance multi-purpose oil, containing only natural ingredients. This range consists of incredibly nourishing products that will indeed hydrate your skin, leaving you looking flawless and glowing just in time for the holiday season.

Whether your skin is feeling well behaved and balanced and simply would like a boost or if you’re having a darker day of irritated and unpredictable skin nightmares, the team at Essentialle focus on making products that are innovative, modern and result driven, suitable for all skin concerns. Ensuring that customers get outstanding results, the products are created to enhance the skins overall health, texture and tone, by using rare plant extracts, exquisite aromatic oils and active ingredients. The range aims to repair and nourish the skin, while leaving an amazing glow behind.

The launch of the Essentialle brand kicked off with the introduction of 3 luxe face oils. Each one focusing on distinct concerns and problem areas the user might experience.

The “Elasticity Boost Toning Face Oil” is an ultra-conditioning oil which strengthen, repair and tone, dehydrating and sagging skin. Highly suitable for women with a mature skin (£65).

The “Remedy Multi-Active Re-Balancing Face oil”, on the other hand is a lighter moisturising oil which purifies, calms and corrects problem skin (£62). Suitable for the younger crowd, who want to achieve a fresh and clear complexation.

The best seller “Revival Nectar Nourishing Face Oil” is a beautiful, aromatic oil which delivers a penetrating treatment that rehydrates and plump the skin. Revealing a youthful and radiant complexation, appropriate for most skin types.

At the event, we got the chance to sit down and speak with Karina Krishtaleva, the brains behind the skincare brand. The Founder let us in on the story behind Essentialle and also gave us some valuable tips and tricks to achieving a soft complexion.

It’s easy to spot Karina Krishtaleva. This woman is absolutely glowing! Leaving us rather jealous. Unsurprisingly, she tells YCB how she is only using her own products and has since the very beginning of Essentialle. She further explains how the oils are created for women believing in small rituals and big results. “All that is needed is 3-4 drops, gently massaged into a cleansed face twice a day, and you will experience a healthier and lustrous skin tone.” 

Even though the label says “Face oil” it is a multi-tool, suitable for hands, nails, body, it can even be used for the dry end of your hair! It’s about ease and accessibility. 

Karina said, “We believe in skincare that comes from natural & organic ingredients, free from artificial fragrances, microbeads, parabens or any kinds of chemicals. Naturalness, without jeopardising the quality.”

What’s more, the company emphasis cruelty free formulations, and the Founder is very clear on and stresses that they NEVER test on animals. Instead, Karina and a group of 50 people have been testing the products overtime since the very beginning, giving pointers on what to improve concerning the texture, smell and workings. Since the brand’s main focus is centred around the costumers need it is important to keep them involved in the process, which is possible with such natural ingredients.

The end result is a great product, less animals in suffering and a clearer conscious.

Ladies, do not fear the colder season. Combatting the winter cold is easier than ever thanks to Essentialle. We hope you will enjoy the range as much as we have!

Let your skin become radiant and glowing, it deserves to be.

Hedvig Andersson

Hedvig is an enthusiastic 22‑year‑old from the South of Sweden who loves a good challenge. Whether it's trying out snowboarding in the Japanese alps or acing the financial accounting finals, she never shies away from trying something new. Hedvig is based in London, studying Business Management at King's College.

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