Winter Who? How to Keep the Post-Summer Holiday Glow!

Winter who? How to keep the post-summer holiday glow!

How to keep the post summer holiday glow

‘Tis the season for pumpkin spice lattes and chunky knit sweaters. The days become shorter, nights cooler. Suddenly we’re carrying a jacket instead of sunblock. A thick comforter has replaced our light bedspreads. Thoughts turn to Halloween costumes and Christmas. It’s official, autumn is here.

During this time, Mother Nature ever so kindly takes us from glowing goddesses to dry-skinned damsels. As the weather turns dark and gloomy, our skin follows suit. Why is it that we always look better on holiday? It almost seems backwards – we’ve likely got a bit of sunburn, chlorine and sand in our hair, dents on our noses from wearing sunglasses all day, and we’re wearing minimal make up. Maybe it’s because we’re just so completely relaxed that we, well, glow!

Once back home post-holiday we do everything in our power to continue to achieve that holiday glow, buying up the entire local pharmacy and make up stores in the hope of recreating the look. Stop! It’s time to strip back your routine again as you move in to winter. Your skin goes through so many changes in the winter months – rain, snow, lack of sunshine, not to mention the bitter wind that rips right through you. Exposed skin is left feeling dry, dull and listless. Giving your face some TLC during the colder months is the only way to keep it beach ready. Follow our fool proof tips to keep your skin prepped and primed for next year’s holiday!

First and foremost: exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. This removes dead skin cells and any leftover makeup. Fitzjohn Skin Care’s Radiance of Venus Advanced Skin Brightener will help what’s left of your tan look more even. It contains antioxidant ingredients which brighten and smooth your complexion to prompt radiance. Use it as an express treatment in the shower or as a face pack when you have more time.  Instead of grains of sand the skin brightener uses jojoba wax micro-grains to gently buff away dead skin cells. We love that it contains Vitamin C which helps fade dark spots and promotes collagen production.

Next is moisture. You skin must stay hydrated! We like Fitzjohn Skin Care’s Rejuvenating Oil. Unlike traditional oil, it’s dry so your make up won’t slip and slide. It’s excellent for a variety of skin types too! Vitamins A and E, as well as chia seed oil make this a power packed product. If your skin is feeling extra parched, wear it under your favourite cream moisturiser for an added layer of protection.

Dry skin, particularly around the eyes and lips, is another winter woe. An intense eye and lip serum will help smooth and hydrate your eye and lip contours. Lupine Peptides, Pseudocollagen and Vitamins A, C & E stimulate collagen and elastin renewal. Sea buckthorn extract, rosehip, blueberry and chia seed oils promote cell rejuvenation to combat signs of ageing. Cucumber extract helps to reduce under eye puffiness.

Besides lotions and potions there are a couple of other things you can be doing to make sure you have wonderful winter skin. For many, winter is a time to relax. We forego the gym, instead choosing to snuggle by the fire. Salads and smoothies are replaced by comfort food and holiday sweets. Unfortunately that potentially makes our diets less nutrient dense, so get some extra support with good quality nutritional supplements to keep your skin fighting fit! Fats are particularly important for stopping your skin drying out from within, so avoid any low fat diets and ensure you eat good fats like nuts and seeds.

A no brainer is to drink lots of water – if you’re hydrated, so is your skin! Next up: get enough sleep! Even the best concealers can’t disguise weeks of sleepless nights. If you live in a city that lacks sunlight for most of the day, we advise taking a Vitamin D supplement as well. Lastly, stay active. Although it might be tempting to hibernate, remember that increased circulation through exertion will help remove toxins from the skin!

This winter, don’t let your skin suffer; pamper it with products from the Fitzjohn Skin Care line. Come next summer, your skin will thank you.

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