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Gyunel: Fashion For The Modern Woman

Gyunel: Fashion for the modern woman What woman doesn’t love fashion week? All those lust-worthy looks strutting down the runway from the world’s hottest designers! Here at YCB, one of our favourite fashion week pastimes is spying on the incredible street style that the [...]

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Vacation Days: Pack Light With These 2 In 1 Beauty Products

Vacation days: Pack light with these 2 in 1 beauty products Your long-awaited summer holiday: the moment is drawing ever closer. The moment you first step off the plane in to blazing sunlight, the moment your toes first touch the sand, the moment you [...]

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Celebrity Spotlight

Blake Lively’s Lifestyle Site Is….Interesting

Blake Lively’s new lifestyle site is…..interesting After months of hearing about it, Blake Lively’s lifestyle site (She calls it a “new avenue”. Are we now calling web sites new avenues? Is this the “conscious uncoupling” of July?) is finally here and well, we are [...]

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Summer Beach Reads For The Career Girl

Summer beach reads for the career girl  Don’t listen when anyone says summer is almost over. Even though we are deep into July we still have another solid month of fun in the sun. This means there is plenty of time to catch up [...]

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Career Guide

Learning The Benefits Of Talking Sports In The Workplace With The Gal’s Got Game

Learning the benefits of talking sports in the workplace with The Gal’s Got Game Here at YCB, we are firm believers that we women are the ultimate business players. Hardworking, ambitious, optimistic and charming, there should be no reason for us or our colleagues [...]

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Pillow Talk

Digital Dating In Your Twenties

Digital dating in your twenties This year marks 10 years since the final episode of Friends aired on British television. Matt le Blanc has suggested that the reason this show connected to so many across the world was because ‘ was about a finite [...]

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6 Travel Instagram Accounts To Follow

6 travel instagram accounts to follow  It’s midafternoon, the weather is perfect and you’re thinking, “I just want to be anywhere but here.” This urgent sense of wanderlust is common, especially if you’re in the middle of a heat wave and the only trip [...]

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California Breeze

California Breeze: Structured Lady

California Breeze: Structured Lady  This dress is something else. Love at first sight, if you will. I loved it so much the moment I saw it that I stopped shopping and headed straight to the dressing room. I needed to know right then and [...]

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The London Lookbook

The London Lookbook: Flowing Lines

The London Lookbook: Flowing lines I’m very particular about what clothes I wear. Even though my look is often eclectic and sometimes adventurous, my sartorial choices are carefully considered and fit rigidly to a structure that I set for myself. Sometimes this can be [...]

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