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Let’s Talk Statement Hats!
December 18, 2014

Let’s Talk Statement Hats!

Let’s talk statement hats! We don’t like to leave our houses without a pair of oversized sunnies and a large coffee to go (extra hot, please!). But recently, we’ve been switching up our accessories and right now we are all about the statement hat. [...]

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Seven Secrets To Perfect The Winter Look

Seven secrets to perfect the winter look Psst, we’ve got a secret. Winter is just around the corner (can you already smell the snowflakes and hot chocolate in the air?) and we’ve scoured for all the best tips and tricks so you can achieve [...]

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Celebrity Spotlight

Anne Hathaway’s Got Herself A New Stylist, And It’s Not Rachel Zoe

Anne Hathaway’s got herself a new stylist, and it’s not Rachel Zoe Every now and again a film comes along that has the power to unite an entire country. The entire planet, even. A film that, regardless of whether you had any interest in [...]

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Adorn Your Home With The Rich Scents Of Christmas

Adorn your home with the rich scents of Christmas With the air getting colder and evenings getting darker the candle is the one proverbial stone that can kill two birds, and – with fragrances able to evoke rich memories – at Christmas a scented [...]

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Career Guide

5 Challenges Facing Women in Business and How They Can Be Overcome

5 challenges facing women in business and how they can be overcome Progress. Empowerment. Change. Women in Business have made incredible strides over the years, but as we look to statistics at the top, it becomes evident that we still have a long way [...]

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Pillow Talk

What Your Ring Says About You According To Chloe Alpert Of Teaman & Company

What Your Ring Says About You According to Chloe Alpert of Teaman & Company Everyone remembers that classic Sex & the City episode when Carrie discovered that the ring Aidan had bought for her was…well..not her at all. It took the help of her [...]

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Amazing Cultural Insights About Our Favourite Holiday Destinations

Amazing cultural insights about our favourite holiday destinations Knowing the history of a country you’re planning to visit will enrich your experience greatly and help you understand the locals even better. Instead of being confused about why a non-indigenous language is so common, or [...]

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California Breeze

California Breeze: Cozy Sleek
December 15, 2014

California Breeze: Cozy Sleek

California Breeze: Cozy Sleek   Do you realize that Christmas is in 10 days? I’m not freaking out a ton; only a little bit, but that’s partially because we’re leaving for NYC on Wednesday and my To Do List keeps growing. Tis the season, though. [...]

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