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Party Outfits To Take You Through Winter

Party outfits to take you through winter  Winter has always been our favourite season. With Christmas now only a few weeks away, here at Your Coffee Break, we are getting ready for the festive month. And as the party season is approaching in full force, [...]

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Seven Secrets To Perfect The Winter Look

Seven secrets to perfect the winter look Psst, we’ve got a secret. Winter is just around the corner (can you already smell the snowflakes and hot chocolate in the air?) and we’ve scoured for all the best tips and tricks so you can achieve [...]

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Celebrity Spotlight

Anne Hathaway’s Got Herself A New Stylist, And It’s Not Rachel Zoe

Anne Hathaway’s got herself a new stylist, and it’s not Rachel Zoe Every now and again a film comes along that has the power to unite an entire country. The entire planet, even. A film that, regardless of whether you had any interest in [...]

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The Perks Of Traveling Alone After College

The perks of traveling alone after college There’s an idea that your college years will be the “best years of your life.” While college may be fun, it may be hard to top an adventure of your very own, without any rules. Traveling alone [...]

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Career Guide

Looks Matter In The Workplace – Turn It To Your Advantage!

Looks matter in the workplace – turn it to your advantage! We hate to admit it, but we all know it’s true: looks do matter in the workplace. As much as it’s about your ability to lead, be creative, and work hard, it’s also about how [...]

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Pillow Talk

5 Ways To Survive Moving In With Your Boyfriend

5 ways to survive moving in with your boyfriend As Monica Geller once judiciously wailed ‘and now I have to live with a boy!’, 80% of us will make that crucial step to living with a partner before marriage. Fantasizing about your new domestic [...]

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Going Into The Wilderness… In Luxury Style

Going into the wilderness… in luxury style Take a hike with us (literally) and experience Eagle Brae’s beautiful log cabin homes, homemade food and sled-dog riding. There is something magical about the Scottish Highlands and, at this time of year when the colours of nature are changing, the [...]

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California Breeze

California Breeze: Giraffe Crossing

California Breeze: Giraffe Crossing Giraffe crossings, watch out friends. Just kidding, it’s just moi:) I love this giraffe print skirt because 1) it’s black and white 2) it’s A-line and 3) I’m giving leopard a break. I’ve been wearing pants non-stop lately (hello fall!) [...]

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The London Lookbook

The London Lookbook: Flowing Lines

The London Lookbook: Flowing lines I’m very particular about what clothes I wear. Even though my look is often eclectic and sometimes adventurous, my sartorial choices are carefully considered and fit rigidly to a structure that I set for myself. Sometimes this can be [...]

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