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Carry Catwalk Looks To The Office With Modalu

Carry catwalk looks to the office with Modalu There’s only one week of fashion month left (sob!), but rather than mourn its passing it’d be a far better use of our time to look to the future. In this vision we see our workwear [...]

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Why You Need Your Beauty Sleep

Why you need your beauty sleep It might have become a cultural idiom, but it turns out ‘I need my beauty sleep’ is just as scientifically accurate as it is a good excuse to bail early on a night out. One of the simplest [...]

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Celebrity Spotlight

Celeb Kids Are Taking Over The Modelling World!

Celeb kids are taking over the modelling world! As adults, we use fashion as a means to express our personalities. In a world where first impressions count, the clothes we choose to wear can speak volumes. As kids though, practicality was our priority – [...]

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Have You Got a Butterfly Brain?

Have you got a butterfly brain? Are you one of those people who always have their head down in their smart phone or on their computer? With all the latest apps and fun websites running rampant nowadays, it’s easy to get lost checking emails, [...]

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Career Guide

Breaking the Music Industry: Tips for Following Your Dream Career

Breaking the music industry: tips for following your dream career Whether you want to tour the world as a backing singer, perform on the West End or sell out Wembley, you’re likely well aware that breaking into the music industry is no easy feat. [...]

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Pillow Talk

Your Partner is Unemployed… Now What?

Your partner is unemployed… Now what? Being unemployed is one of those situations that’s as time consuming as it is frustrating. It’s also an emotional time, and it’s a big deal. Searching for a job can even feel like a job in and of [...]

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Take a Foreign Holiday Without Leaving the UK!

Take a foreign holiday without leaving the UK! As the sun begins to set on another Great British summer you might be feeling as though you didn’t quite make the most of it. You didn’t save up enough money to justify that dream holiday [...]

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California Breeze

California Breeze: Double Headband Braid Tutorial

California Breeze: Double Headband Braid Tutorial Where’s my braid-obsessed beauties at?! I love rocking a braid on day three (or four!) old hair. They’re interesting, super cute, and having a major moment. Braids can look intimidating at times, but we must not fear the [...]

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