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Black is Back: Go Back to Black This Spring With Sultry Lingerie Sets From Morgan Lane

Black is back: Go back to black this Spring with sultry lingerie sets from Morgan Lane The sun is finally rearing it’s glorious head at the YCB HQ are suddenly awash with colour and print and of course, a bare leg! But once Summer [...]

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Get Alicia Vikander’s Mini Braids in 3 Simple Steps

Get Alicia Vikander’s mini braids in 3 simple steps At Your Coffee Break we love a hairstyle that doesn’t take *too* much effort, we’re a busy bunch after all! Something glamorous, with minimal stress and risk is what we’re after. And we’ve just fallen [...]

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Celebrity Spotlight

Best Dressed Celebrities at the Met Gala 2016

Best Dressed celebrities at the Met Gala 2016 Every year the lead up to the annual Met Gala has all fashion lovers eagerly refreshing their laptops screens, checking their social media and waiting in anticipation for arguably the most elegant night in the fashion [...]

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Why Taxidermy is Enjoying a 21st Century Renaissance

Why taxidermy is enjoying a 21st century renaissance It may seem like a rather macabre pastime, but taxidermy, the art of stuffing animals, is still alive. The craft has distinctly Victorian overtones, but thanks to an organic trend that has permeated interior design and [...]

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Career Guide

How to Build Your Career & Help Others Along the Way

How to build your career & help others along the way It’s officially the rise of the #GIRLBOSS. We love seeing so many powerful women going out on their own to follow their passions, pursue their dreams and set up their own businesses. It [...]

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Pillow Talk

What Women Expect From Guys After the First Date

What women expect from guys after the first date First dates are exciting, stomach butterfly inducing, and also mildly terrifying. On one hand, men are afraid of saying something stupid or unintentionally offensive. And on the other, women spend way too many hours preparing [...]

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Only in Ontario
April 29, 2016

Only in Ontario

Only in Ontario Canadians often get a bad wrap. They’re too nice, they love their hockey too whole heartedly, and don’t even get them started on maple syrup. These connotations we have with America’s hat, I’m sure, have some roots in truth somewhere along [...]

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California Breeze

California Breeze: 90′s Baby

California Breeze: 90’s Baby Growing up in the 90’s brings back fond memories of Full House marathons, slap bracelets, Bubble Tape, folded notes, and actual music videos on MTV. I rocked a lot of overalls, spent my allowance on black choker necklaces, and loved [...]

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