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Personalise Your Petite Workwear For Spring

The best things come in small packages: personalise your petite workwear for spring It’s safe to say we’re all letting out a collective groan about how long and cold this winter’s been. We keep ruining our suede boots falling in to deceptively deep puddles, [...]

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LFW-Ready Nails With Glosspod
February 20, 2015

LFW-Ready Nails With Glosspod

LFW-ready nails with Glosspod Get set for Glosspod manicure on tapp!  Every woman understands the issues that come with a bad hair day – an unjustifiably short temper, flat out refusals to appear in any photos even though you’re usually the first to whack [...]

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Celebrity Spotlight

Best Dressed: Screen Actors Guild Awards

Best Dressed: Screen Actors Guild Awards Quietly tucked away in between the excitement of the first-ceremony-of-the-year-Golden-Globes and the potentially-most-prestigious-awards-ever-Oscars, it can be all too easy to lose the SAG Awards. However, our fashion radar picked up some pretty spectacular looks at last nights awards. [...]

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The Most Amazing Female Leaders That History Books Forgot

The most amazing female leaders that history books forgot  When we think of history’s most highly regarded heroines, we often think of the same well-known league of extraordinary women. Some that come to mind almost immediately – and covered extensively in history classes around [...]

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Career Guide

5 Tips For Interning Abroad

5 tips for interning abroad There are so many incredible experiences you can have when going abroad, it’s almost overwhelming. All the places to travel, the food to try, the museums to visit, the people to meet—there are seemingly endless possibilities. If you have [...]

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Pillow Talk

How (Not) To Propose
February 13, 2015

How (Not) To Propose

How (not) to propose The fast approaching annual feast of St. Valentine is supposedly the international day for celebrating all things love, passion and romance, and we’re all for it. We’re also all for starry-eyed men bravely stepping out of their comfort zones to [...]

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Fall In Love Again At Dewsall
February 27, 2015

Fall In Love Again At Dewsall

Fall in love again at Dewsall Hands up who loves weekend-long get togethers and cosy dinner parties? We’re not saying that we don’t like going out, by any means, but sometimes all we really want is to spend our afternoons with a good book [...]

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California Breeze

California Breeze: Holy Fuchsia

California Breeze: Holy Fuchsia Holy fuschia. This year, I’m trying to incorporate more color into my wardrobe. I always (and I mean always) gravitate toward black, white and gray. Although I’ll always love my neutrals, I’m ready to experiment with the bold and beautiful [...]

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