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Boxy Shapes for Your Business Wardrobe

Boxy shapes for your business wardrobe Shape is a great way to play around with your style without a lot of commitment. And the one shape we keep seeing this fall is the box. To get your imagination working, here are some examples: 1. Black [...]

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Muuah! 6 Simple Steps to Make Yourself More Kissable

Muuah! 6 simple steps to make yourself more kissable Did you know that an average person spends two weeks of his or her life kissing. Yup, everyone love a great smooch! That’s why we asked our experts to tell us what to do, to [...]

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Celebrity Spotlight

Sophie Hunter Wore Dior Haute Couture at the ‘Black Mass’ Premiere

Sophie Hunter wore Dior Haute Couture at the ‘Black Mass’ Premiere Benedict Cumberbatch is the kind of guy you swoon over with your girlfriends, whether rewatching Sherlock episodes for the eighth time or watching him stride down the red carpet. But at the ‘Black [...]

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The I Dos and Don’ts of Wedding Attire

The I Dos and Don’ts of wedding attire Wedding etiquette, even for the guests, is a minefield, and one of the easiest places to get into difficulties is in deciding what to wear for the special occasion. In British society especially there are dozens [...]

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Career Guide

Business 101: How to Create an Instant Connection with Your Clients

Business 101: How to create an instant connection with your clients Finding the best ways to immediately connect with your customers and clients is extremely important if you depend on the success of your company. Customers will not purchase your product or service if [...]

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Pillow Talk

Clocked App Launches to Offer Londoners a Better Dating Experience

Clocked app launches to offer Londoners a better dating experience As a young professional, sometimes it feels as though there is never enough time in the week to go out and meet new people – especially potential romantic partners. While it’s faster to meet [...]

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Five of the Best European Cities to Visit this Winter

Five of the best European cities to visit this winter Autumn/Winter is our favourite time of the year to go out and explore – even if that is in London. However, some of the best cities across Europe come alive during their winter, meaning [...]

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California Breeze

California Breeze: Double Headband Braid Tutorial

California Breeze: Double Headband Braid Tutorial Where’s my braid-obsessed beauties at?! I love rocking a braid on day three (or four!) old hair. They’re interesting, super cute, and having a major moment. Braids can look intimidating at times, but we must not fear the [...]

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