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6 Tips for Dressing Professionally in Bad Weather

6 tips for dressing professionally in bad weather It’s finally Spring. We weren’t sure if we weren’t going to make it, but we did. But for us Londoners or those ladies living on the East Coast, we know that April doesn’t necessarily mean flowers, [...]

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Manis-on-the-move: Minc Beauty is Helping Busy Women Stay Beautiful

Manis-on-the-move: Minc Beauty is helping busy women stay beautiful Have you heard of Minc nails yet? If not, you might just thank us. Founded in 2014 by Hadley Diest, this unique beauty treatment removes all hassle! If you find yourself time poor (and let’s [...]

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Celebrity Spotlight

Snag Miranda Kerr’s Summer Style Look

Snag Miranda Kerr’s summer style look As we finally descend out of winter and into summer, our social lives start to pick up, less time for Netflix and more time for socialising with actual humans, rather than keeping up to date with the current [...]

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Rise of the Solo Female Traveller

Rise of the solo female traveller The single travel bug is catching with a new world of solo female travellers realising the freedom to step out of their comfort zone and spend some alone time on the road. The leading experts in healthy holidays [...]

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Career Guide

7 Signs You Need to Quit Your Job NOW

7 signs you need to quit your job NOW Most of us spend at least one-third of our day at work. An eight- to nine-hour shift, not including commute time, takes up a good portion of your day. To stay healthy and happy, you [...]

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Pillow Talk

What Women Expect From Guys After the First Date

What women expect from guys after the first date First dates are exciting, stomach butterfly inducing, and also mildly terrifying. On one hand, men are afraid of saying something stupid or unintentionally offensive. And on the other, women spend way too many hours preparing [...]

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5 Staycations to Consider This Summer

5 staycations to consider this summer The sun has finally come out of hibernating for what feels like an eternity, we’re ditching the thick winter coats, and we don’t know about you, but we’ve got positive vibes all round here at Your Coffee Break. [...]

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California Breeze

California Breeze: 90′s Baby

California Breeze: 90’s Baby Growing up in the 90’s brings back fond memories of Full House marathons, slap bracelets, Bubble Tape, folded notes, and actual music videos on MTV. I rocked a lot of overalls, spent my allowance on black choker necklaces, and loved [...]

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